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titanium enamel tank is acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. The pH value of the acid-alkali resistance is 1-14 (standard coating is 3-11).

The container made of the enamel can store the liquid with certain acidity and alkalinity, and the hardness of the enamel layer can reach Mohs hardness 6.0. titanium enamel tank has the advantages of fast and good anticorrosive property. titanium enamel tank is suitable for water storage, oil storage and bulk storage.

titanium enamel tanks

Advantages of titanium enamel tank: 1. Beautiful appearance: enamel assembly tank is mainly composed of enamel steel plate, self-locking bolts and sealant, the main component is enamel assembly plate. The enamel assembling steel plate is a kind of double-sided double-layer enamel for enamel special steel plate.

The surface of enamel is smooth and moist. It has the characteristics of porcelain. The standard color is green and bright. It is especially suitable for modern construction. You can also use any other color according to the user's request.

2. Stable quality and strong corrosion resistance:

enamel steel sheet is completely processed and produced in the factory, with a high degree of standardization. It needs a series of tests before it can be discharged from the factory, and the quality is stable. The enamel steel plate is a special titanium alloy steel plate developed independently by our company. The thickness of the steel plate can reach 12 mm. After special processing, two or three layers of enamel coatings are coated on both sides of the steel plate. The thickness of the coating reaches 300 micron.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

The steel plate is heated and polymerized to form a strong bonding force between the enamel layer and the steel plate. The protective layer formed by the enamel coating can not only prevent the tank from corrosion, but also has the characteristics of strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.

3, the installation period is short: Enamel assembly steel plate in factory production and processing, the use of standardized production. After being packed and transported to the construction site for assembly, the steel plate connection is completely bolted, and we have developed a special installation tool to make the installation very simple. The installation process is affected by the weather, and the installation cycle is easy to control.

4、Easy installation and maintenance:titanium enamel tank can installation is the use of special installation tools, workers installed on the ground can top plate, and then by special tools to lift the height of the plate, and then installed the second ring plate, so repeat operation until the tank is installed. From beginning to end, workers only need to stand on the ground to operate simply and safely. Enamel steel plate has excellent anticorrosive properties, which ensures that the maintenance of enamel assembly can be very simple.

5、Expansion and migration: The enamel assembling tank is made of standard enamel steel plate bolted together. We can remove or re-install the tank after construction and operation, and can easily achieve the expansion and migration of the titanium enamel tank.

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titanium enamel tank produced by our company is made of special titanium alloy special steel plate, sealing special material, self-locking anticorrosive bolt and other materials. Its service life is over 30 years.

biogas septic tank

biogas septic tank

After pretreatment, the titanium alloy special steel plate is coated with two or three layers of inorganic glass coating on both sides of the plate. After high temperature sintering, the coating and the steel plate form a new type of composite material, which achieves a strong bonding force. This new composite material can not only prevent steel plate from corrosion, but also has the properties of acid-base resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, insulation, smooth surface and easy cleaning.

The enamel steel plate is a special titanium alloy steel plate with twice the strength of the common steel plate. The thickness of the commonly used assembling tank steel plate can be 3 mm~12 mm thick steel plate according to the size of the tank. The splicing between the plates adopts the form of overlapping steel plates and self-locking anticorrosive bolt connection. The special sealing material is embedded between the overlapping plates and reaches the goal. Installation requirements for fast and low consumption. The top cover of the enameled steel plate can bear the pressure of the top mixer and other heavy machinery. The tank can also be combined with the membrane biogas storage cabinet to form an integrated device of fermentation gas production and gas storage. The company can according to the needs of customers, professional design and custom-made various specifications and performance of enameled steel plate assembly tank, assembled into a capacity of 80-10,000 m_different sizes of tanks, convenient for customers to use.

enamel tank manufacturers

enamel tank manufacturers

titanium enamel tank can be widely used in sewage treatment, biogas engineering, grain storage, petrochemical industry, gas, liquid and solid sealed storage.


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