storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater

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storage tank for wastewater

Enamel pots have many uses, one of which is to treat wastewater. Today we will introduce storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater.

storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater

The storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater formula of the industrial enamel reaction kettle is mainly composed of silica, the content of silica is 50% to 80%, the three oxidation two boron content is about 12%, the sodium oxide content is about 12%, the cobalt oxide content is 3%.

In the production process of enamel glaze, it can be divided into matrix agent, flux, opaque agent, oxidant, coloring agent, auxiliaries and so on. Not every component plays a role, and sometimes matter can be either a matrix agent, a flux, a matrix agent, or a three solvent of two boron.

The ratio of the glaze group can form the bottom glaze and the surface glaze, and the bottom glaze is the porcelain glaze which is closely combined with the steel body. Its distribution ratio increases the content of compacted agent, strengthens the bonding force between the porcelain layer and the steel body, and the distribution ratio of the surface glaze increases the content of the corrosion resistance component, making the enamel enamel very good. GH, corrosion resistance, different components of the enamel layer can also be presented in different colors, such as blue and white.

According to the different requirements of sintering process temperature, it is divided into high temperature glaze and low temperature glaze. The composition and firing temperature of high temperature glaze and low temperature glaze are quite different. The high temperature of the high temperature porcelain glaze is higher, its physical and chemical properties are relatively enhanced, thus the stability and corrosion resistance of the enamel layer are improved, the temperature of the warm enamel is lower and the temperature is low. Lower. The color of finished glass is easy to distinguish: high temperature porcelain glaze is pure bright blue, and low temperature porcelain glaze is blue black and dark black, because the composition and burning cost of high temperature porcelain glaze are higher than low temperature. E porcelain glaze, so some small factories often choose low-temperature glaze as camouflage works, so users must pay attention.

Do you remember the enamel washbasin or cup used for an hour? Just bought new and bright, but accidentally dropped or damaged, it will reveal the iron inside, slowly began to rust. The same is true of not excellent enamel and no tower water supply. If there is a little damage, it will rust easily.

storage tank in water treatment plant

storage tank in water treatment plant

storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater in china

At present, most of the market is PE no tower water supply, cast steel no tower water supply and 304 stainless steel no tower water supply device. Because of its durability, light and small convenience, clean and hygienic and good anticorrosive properties, it is recognized and accepted by the market. Because good products will not be affected by the time taken, but not good products will slowly withdraw from the market because of the decrease in market demand.

The enamel free water supply device is used to detect pressure of pressure tank through pressure sensor, and the pressure electrical signal is automatically controlled by the control circuit to recognize, enlarge and control the action of the contactor, so that the pump can automatically run and stop according to the pressure change in the pressure tank and achieve the purpose of automatic water supply. The operation process of the non tower water supply is the start of the pump, and the water is injected into the pressure tank through the check valve to increase the pressure in the tank. When the pressure reaches the upper limit of the set pressure, the pressure automatic controller automatically closes the pump to stop the pump running.

No tower water pressure tank can generally backwash filter cartridge, but filter core generally half a year or 1 years or so to consider changing, because the filter core if very dirty, will cause blockage or water is again contaminated, can not play the role of purification, long time no water, the first pressure bucket of water is released, in the release of new water. When it comes to cleaning, many people naturally think of the principle of "no tower water supply pressure tank".

1、Principle of storage tank for cleaning of oil field wastewater : domestic tower free water supply pressure tank is air pressure water supply.

2、Composition: the household water supply without tower is composed of no tower water supply (pressure tank), pressure switch, pressure meter, pump, pipe network and supporting valve, divided into two parts of pipe and circuit.

3、Working process: there is a uniform atmospheric pressure inside the domestic tower free water supply (pressure tank). After installing the pressure switch, pressure gauge and the pipe network, it becomes a sealed container. When the water pump starts, the water level in the tank rises, and the air in the tank is compressed to produce air pressure. When the air pressure reaches the set pressure (such as 0.24Mpa), the pump stops working.

waste water tank

waste water tank

The water in the tank can flow out at high speed because of the air pressure. When the water level in the tank drops, the pressure is lowered to reach the set pressure (such as 0.14MPa), and the pump is automatically started again, and it is automatically circulate around it. The essence of it is a set of small household water system.


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