storage tank in water treatment plant

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storage tank in water treatment plant

There are various kinds of water storage containers, such as enamel, glass, galvanized. Today we will introduce storage tank in water treatment plant.

storage tank in water treatment plant

At the top of storage tank in water treatment plant, look at the appearance and see if it works correctly.

Second, we must recognize the operation data again to see if it is lost or mishandled.

Third, we need to decide whether it is a mechanical problem or a chemical problem.

Fourth, we need to analyze whether it is caused by the repercussions of chemical feed water.

Fifth, determine the pollutant and find out the cause.

If this touch is attacked, the function of the membrane element will be reduced and its function can not be recovered again. After the pipeline or equipment is sterilized, there is no free chlorine in the water supply of the reverse osmosis membrane element. When it is impossible to determine whether there is free chlorine, it should be verified by laboratory tests. Sodium Bisulfite solution should be used to neutralize residual chlorine and ensure that the touch time is satisfied to ensure that the reaction is complete.

Clean water: remove a lot of organic ingredients, heavy metal ions, harmful impurities and bacteria by using clear water skills, and preserve the beneficial trace elements. Clear, sweet and rich oxygen can be directly drunk, called clean water. Pure water is used to remove organic components, inorganic components, heavy metal ions and harmful impurities in water using reverse osmosis skills. Quality and bacteria and minerals can drink directly.

Activated carbon is a kind of microporous carbon compound, with extremely rich space structure (1000 square meters per gram), so it has a very strong adsorption function. It is one of the common water materials used in water treatment. It can remove the color, odor, organic matter and residual chlorine in the water, and change the taste of the water.

The filtration accuracy is generally in the 0.03-15 micron. It is a kind of separate membrane process using the sieve medium of the mesh filter medium by the static pressure as the driving force. The microfiltration membrane has a relatively regular and uniform porous structure. Under the effect of static pressure, the particles that are smaller than the membrane holes pass through the film, and the particles larger than the membrane holes are intercepted on the surface of the membrane. Small and different groups are separated by separation.

silos for food grains manufacturer in north india

silos for food grains manufacturer in north india

The common PP filters, ceramic filters and so on belong to the microfiltration category, which can filter large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust in the water.

Its aperture range is 0.002 micron -0.1 microns. It is a kind of pressure difference membrane separation skill. Under pressure effect, the raw water is filtered from the high pressure end to the low pressure end. Ultrafiltration can be used to filter the harmful substances such as rust, sand, colloid, bacteria and large molecular punk in water, and can preserve some mineral elements which are beneficial to the human body. Core components in the production process of spring water and mountain spring water.

storage tank in water treatment plant

The nanofiltration membrane is between the reverse osmosis membrane and the ultrafiltration membrane, which is characterized by the high removal rate of a specific melt, the first removal of a solute particle with a diameter of about one nanometer, and the interception of the molecular weight of 100-1000MWCO in the category of drinking water for the removal of the hardness components, the three halogen intermediates, the odor, the chromaticity, the pesticide, and the synthetic washing. It has high desalination function at very low pressure. Softening and desalting of high hardness water is the largest application of nanofiltration membrane.

1、In the case of ash removal system, if this joint appears wrong. No matter what kind of production process you use, the water produced will not meet the standards. This is a key element of the impact.

2、In terms of operation rules, clear water is to be cleaned according to certain requirements. It is aimed at some macromolecular substances or ions contained in water. Different occupations may vary according to different occupations. This is also a key element of the impact.

3.The external environment, in the end, must be produced by high purity and higher water, so that it can produce the water that meets the requirements, and the external environment is not necessarily able to keep the water clean. After the water is produced, the quality of the produced water is likely to be affected by dirty equipment.

waste water tank

waste water tank


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