• industrial wastewater storage tank

    2017-10-07 09:12:29Times: (668 Views)

    industrial wastewater storage tank is used to store all kinds of industrial wastewater in the main storage tanks for sewage treatment,The enamel assembly tank is a new generation of industrial waste water storage tank which is widely used

  • biogas reactor tank

    2017-10-04 17:47:01Times: (859 Views)

    biogas reactor tank is used to meet the living conditions of biogas fermentation microorganism, so that they can live in the right environment to achieve the fermentation

  • wastewater storage tank cost

    2017-09-30 07:57:18Times: (606 Views)

    wastewater storage tank cost is the biggest cost in the treatment of waste water project, which needs to be calculated first, which will play a decisive role in the cost of the project

  • biogas bolted tank

    2017-09-26 13:46:35Times: (670 Views)

    biogas bolted tank is the development of a new type of gas generator, it has a long service life, large volume, the advantages of corrosion resistance is strong, storing or handling or transportation flow of body fluid solid effective methods.

  • wastewater assembled storage tank

    2017-09-23 09:43:46Times: (570 Views)

    Wastewater assembled storage tank is a new type of water storage tanks, use at the scene of the factory production standard enamelled steel patchwork of container, seal rubber seal, has the advantages of rapid installation, anti-corrosion performance is good, is very suitable for modern wastewater storage tanks.

  • New type wastewater storage tank

    2017-09-21 10:00:52Times: (603 Views)

    wastewater storage tank use in the life and industrial storage wastewater ,enamel assembled tank is a new type of wastewater storage tank, has the advantages of corrosion resistance, reusable use, short construction time and lower cost.

  • biogas CSTR tank manufacturer

    2017-09-19 09:17:43Times: (779 Views)

    biogas CSTR tank is the main reaction tank in biogas engineering, which is the largest proportion of the investment in biogas engineering

  • bolted biogas reactor

    2017-09-19 08:31:27Times: (714 Views)

    bolted biogas reactor is a new type of biogas reactor, the biogas reactor formed by connecting the reactor walls with bolts. bolted biogas reactor construction cycle is short, the cost is low, and can make full use of, environmental protection economy, is a new generation biogas reactor

  • Biogas fermentation tank best solution enamel assembled tank

    2017-09-18 17:24:33Times: (694 Views)

    biogas enamel assembled tank is new biogas reactor, its mainly composed of enamel steel plate, self-locking bolt and sealant. It has the advantages of short construction period, low cost, strong corrosion resistance, and can be arbitrarily expanded and moved