enamel coated thickness for tank

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enamel coated thickness for tank introduce

enamel coated thickness for tank is about 300 microns. There are two to three layers of enamel coating on both sides of the steel plate. The protective layer formed by enamel coating can not only prevent the corrosion of the tank, but also has the characteristics of strong acid, alkali and high temperature resistance.

enamel coated thickness for tank

enamel coated thickness for tank determines the performance of enamel tank. Enamel coating has been widely used in industrial equipment with extremely bad corrosion environment, such as chemical reaction pot, reaction tube, reaction tower and protective cover.

enamel coated thickness for tank another characteristic is heat resistance. Under the glass transition temperature of enamel glaze, various physical and chemical properties of enamel have very good stability. It is one of the ideal high temperature protective coating materials. According to the difference of service temperature and by adjusting the composition of enamel glaze, enamel coatings with different properties for high temperature protection can be designed in theory.

The enamel temperature of enamel coating is 150 degrees higher than that of enamel, which is higher than that of glass transition temperature 250~350 C.

Therefore, if we want to develop an enamel coating serving at 1000 C, the sintering temperature of the coating should be above 1250 C. Such a high enameling temperature can easily damage the structure and mechanical properties of the alloy matrix, and even cause the softening deformation of the alloy components. The preparation process of enamel coating restricts its practical application as a high-temperature protective coating.

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

Bolted Steel Storage Tanks

enamel coated thickness for tank character

enamel coated thickness for tank the traditional preparation methods are mainly impregnation, brushing and spraying. The enamel coating prepared by the first two methods is of poor uniformity and difficult to control the viscosity of slurry. Because of the great difference between the thermal physical properties of enamel and the alloy matrix, the internal stress of the coating will be relatively large under the thermal cycling condition, and the intrinsic brittleness of enamel glaze will easily lead to the cracking and spalling of the coating.

Especially when the coating is thick, the internal stress can not be released in time. Thin enamel coatings with thickness less than 30 microns are prepared by spraying method, which is suitable for the preparation of thin enamel coatings. The spraying process is divided into dry spraying and wet spraying.

During the preparation of enamel coatings, the chemical bonding between enamel glaze and alloy matrix is formed by the high temperature softening of enamel glaze and the chemical reaction between enamel glaze and alloy matrix. The anti-interfacial peeling ability of enamel coatings is much better than that of traditional ceramic coatings.

bolt together silos

bolt together silos

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