what are the sizes of storage tank for biogas

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How to calculate storage tank for biogas

The rural biogas pool is built to calculate the volume of the pond, which is the appropriate amount of biogas gas pool to be built. For the calculation of the tank volume, the fuguu believes that it should be done well before construction.

what are the sizes of storage tank for biogas

In principle, the volume size of the biogas gas pool should be determined according to the actual use and dosage, such as the use of the pure family or the combination of pig shed, the use and dosage are different. The pool is too small, and the gas produced is not enough; The pool is too big to produce enough gas to use. Therefore, the volume calculation of the rural biogas digester is very important.

Before calculating the volume of biogas gas pool, we first look at the gas production and household consumption of the biogas digester.

(1) gas production in Chinese rural biogas ponds:

Summer: about 0.15 cubic meters per cubic meter per cubic meter;

Winter: about 0.1 cubic meters per cubic meter per cubic meter;

household consumption:The family of five people in rural areas:

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank

Daily cooking and boiling water is about 1 to 1.5 cubic meters of methane gas. Each person's daily life consumption is about 0.2 cubic meters, not exceeding 0.3 cubic meters at most.

Fertilizer should also be taken into account.

what are the sizes of storage tank for biogas

Example: a pig farm, 300 pigs, a day can produce 1000 kilograms of fresh pig, dry matter content is 20%, fermentation raw material density of 6% by 1000 kg/m3, under the condition of 35 ℃ fermentation retention period for 15 days, that pool charging only 85%.

Therefore, the volume of this biogas tank should be:

V = (G·Ts·HRT)/(r·m) = (1000 x 0.2 x 15)/(60 x 0.85) = 58.82 (m3)

Build about 60 cubic meters of biogas digester, can be satisfied, 3~5 pigs can build 8 cubic meters of biogas digester.

Note: there are 6 to 10 pigs in the household, and the greenhouse area is 100 ~ 150 square meters. It is suitable to build 6, 8 and 10 cubic meters of biogas digesters.

It is appropriate to calculate the effective volume of 1.5 ~ 2 cubic meters per person. For example, the effective volume of the biogas gas pool is 9~12 cubic meters.

Note: the effective volume generally refers to the total volume of fermentation and storage tanks.

The effective volume should vary according to the number of members of the family and the differences between the north and the south, with a large population of families or living in the warmer southern regions, with an average effective volume reduction; However, the average effective volume can be increased in the northern regions where the population is small or living in the lower temperature.

biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate

biogas anaerobic fermentor of enamel plate


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