wastewater treatment storage tank

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wastewater treatment storage tank introduce

wastewater treatment storage tank is the main place for waste water storage, pollutants in wastewater to somehow separate, or break it down into harmless stable material, so that the sewage purification is conducted in the tanks.

wastewater treatment storage tank

Wastewater treatment can be divided into primary, secondary and tertiary treatments, and the Wastewater treatment storage tanks used are different.

Basic level wastewater treatment methods: primary treatment with physical treatment method, which uses grating, screen mesh, sand basin, sedimentation tank, separation tank and other structures, remove the suspended solids in the wastewater treatment storage tanks, the oil slick, preliminary adjust pH value, reduce the decay rate of the wastewater.

After treatment of wastewater, Wastewater treatment storage tanks the discharge standard (BOD removal rate is only 25 to 40 %). Therefore, the pretreatment stage is usually used to reduce the load and improve the processing effect.

Secondary treatment method: secondary treatment is the biological treatment method and some chemical methods to remove the degradable organics and some colloidal pollutants in wastewater. After secondary treatment, the removal rate of BOD in wastewater can reach 80-90%, i.e., BOD can be lower than 30mg/L.

In this process, a large number of microorganisms and chemical agents need to be added to the wastewater treatment storage tank, which need not be leaked and corroded. Because many of the chemicals added are corrosion properties, the storage tank requirements are high.industrial wastewater storage tank is usually used and named at this stage.

wastewater treatment storage tank manufacturers

Wastewater treatment storage tank manufacturers for the final step of the process are also considered, as far as possible the production of tank is more easy to use and can be moved, try to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment, increase the repeatable applicability.

Enamel pot manufacturers will all kinds of organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, pathogens are taken into consideration, sewage treatment can be further used chemical method (chemical oxidation, chemical precipitation, etc.), physical and chemical method, adsorption, ion exchange, membrane separation technology, etc.) to remove certain pollutants a "deep processing" method, ensure the sewage treatment tank's service life and low cost

wastewater assembled storage tank

wastewater assembled storage tank


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