bolted ground storage tanks

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what is bolted ground storage tanks?

Bolted ground storage tank is a new kind of tank which can be used to store water, oil, dry materials, etc. replace traditional cement storage tank completely, it has the advantages of convenient construction, low cost, corrosion resistance and mobile reus.

bolted ground storage tanks

bolted ground storage tanks is a kind of compound information that combines the inorganic vitreous tank with the steel plate and is fused to the base plate.The enamel coating on the surface of the steel plate can avoid rust of the steel plate, so that the steel plate will not form the oxide layer on the surface and resist the corrosion of various liquids.

bolted ground storage tanks are not only safe non-toxic, easy to wash clean, can be widely used as a normal day in the use of eating utensils and cleaning utensils, and under certain conditions, technicians to enamel coating in metal body of high hardness, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and outstanding features, such as insulation effect make enamel products had more and more extensive use. The enamel layer can also give the finished product a beautiful surface and ornament the people's day. It can be seen that bolted ground storage tanks have both the strength of metal and the surface of porcelain glaze and the function of chemical corrosion resistance.

bolted ground storage tanks has Enamelled steel (primarily steel plate) is generally referred to as low carbon steel plate, which is a steel plate with a lower carbon content (usually less than 0.08%), which is the primary information for the tank of the volume water heater. Mainly used for subway station decoration wall board, building internal wall, etc.

The following features for bolted ground storage tanks:

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

biogas reactor tank enamel steel plate

  • 1). Corrosion prevention: salt mist test more than 2000 hours;
  • 2) fireproof: can withstand high temperature.
  • 3) Acid and alkali: strong corrosion of chemical drugs;
  • 4) yi jie: no holes in the surface, which can suppress bacterial growth and facilitate cleaning;
  • 5). Weather resistance: it is not affected by ultraviolet radiation, and it will not fade for 50 years.
  • 6) environmental protection: no harmful ingredients of human body, raw materials from minerals;
  • 7). Abrasion: high hardness, no scratch when used and cleaned;
  • 8) beautiful: color selection is diverse, free deployment.
  • bolted ground storage tanks manufacturer

    Bolted ground storage tanks manufacturer has a production capacity of the manufacturer of the qualified not many in the world, and only NVirotech can reach the standard of manufacturers in China, we are the earliest producers of bolted ground storage tanks manufacturer in China, also has a real technical leader of bolted ground storage tanks in research and development capabilities.

    bolted steel storage tanks manufacturer only applications with all kinds of storage tanks on the ground, in addition to the biogas fermentation tank, all kinds of sewage and water storage, food and feed and so on all kinds of dry storage, due to its superior performance has been decorated with the part place such as the subway fence, decorative wall of motor vehicle road on both sides of the bridge.

    Food storage tank

    Food storage tank

    Bolted ground storage tanks main component is enamel plate, Enamel steel is widely used in subway station, tunnel, have strong toughness, impact resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, incombustible, smooth and beautiful, easy to clean and 50 years does not change color, this is the first time two years ago the city public use enamel plate decoration.


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