wastewater storage tanks design

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wastewater storage tank design

Wastewater storage tank design is important to the design of storage in wastewater treatment engineering work, according to the actual environment of the scene and store the waste water quantity for the design of reasonable and effective, to ensure the smooth progress of the whole process of water treatment.

wastewater storage tanks design

The world's advanced countries, such as Germany, France and the Czech republic, began to design and build new equipment, new materials and new processes in urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment projects in the 1970s. wastewater storage tanks design is one of technique. wastewater storage tanks steel plate is built into a reactor with a volume of 50-10000m3 by means of special technology and equipment.

Through decades of engineering validation, this technology has the short construction period, low cost, corrosion resistance is strong, can be arbitrary expansion and mobile etc, so that the sewage plant to less investment, quick production, can be moved.

wastewater storage tanks design complex welding can install process and concrete pouring process for production factory, process simplification, reduce cost, and don't have to spend a lot of manpower, all processing factory to complete all.

Construction of sewage, biogas engineering cost investment is one of the important factors, the advanced standards of water treatment technology should be suited to China's national conditions, high efficiency, low consumption, low cost of sewage treatment technology.

wastewater treatment storage tank manufacturers

wastewater treatment storage tank manufacturers

wastewater storage tank design and manufacturers

We are professional wastewater storage tank design and manufacturers, NVirotech is a professional engaged in research and development Chinese enamel assembled tank manufacturing enterprises, 15 years, we are committed to innovation and practice of biogas fermentation tank, anaerobic tank, livestock sewage treatment tank, grain storage silo, feed silo and enamel assembly tanks.

our wastewater storage tank is mainly composed of standard steel plate, self-locking bolt and sealant, and the main component is a double double-layer anticorrosion plate made from the cathode electrophoresis process. The surface of the steel plate is smooth and moist with the characteristics of porcelain.

The special steel plate of the assembly tank is processed by special process. It is coated with two to three layers on both sides of the steel plate. After heating polymerization, the coating and steel plate are formed with strong cohesive force. The protective coating of the coating can not only prevent the corrosion of the tank, but also have the characteristics of strong acid, strong alkali and high temperature resistance.

The joint of the steel plate is connected by metal bolt, and the special seal glue is applied to the steel plate knot, which makes the installation change very simple. And the installation process is less affected by the weather, and the installation cycle is easy to control.

wastewater treatment storage tank

wastewater treatment storage tank


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