wastewater storage tank design

2017-12-17 20:39:57  By:NVirotech Bolted Tank (1790)

what is wastewater storage tank?

wastewater storage tank is an essential equipment in wastewater treatment works, and the wastewater storage tank design is also the main factor in the overall investment of the project. It is very important to select the appropriate waste water storage tank to reduce the design.

wastewater storage tank design

Storage tanks vary in the form of storage media.Classification by location: can be divided into ground storage tank, underground storage tank, semi-underground storage tank, sea storage tank, submarine storage tank, etc.

According to oil classification: can be divided into crude oil storage tank, fuel storage tank, lubricating oil tank, edible oil tank, fire water tank, etc.

Classification by use: can be divided into production tanks, storage tanks and so on.

Classification by form: can be divided into vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks and so on.

According to structure classification: can be divided into fixed top storage tank, floating roof tank, spherical storage tank, etc.

According to size: 100m3 or above are large storage tanks, mostly vertical storage tanks; There are small tanks under 100m3, mostly horizontal tanks.

wastewater treatment storage tank

wastewater treatment storage tank

The materials of the tank project are classified into tank materials and ancillary facilities. Tanks can be according to the tensile yield strength (б s) or standard of tensile strength (б b) can be divided into low high strength steel, steel and identity of multi-purpose at more than 5000 m3 tank;

The wastewater storage tank ancillary facilities (including wind, locking, pander, guardrail, etc.) adopt low strength ordinary carbon structural steel, and other accessories and accessories are used in other materials according to different USES. enamel assembled plate is the most new and practical material of wastewater storage tank, which greatly reduces the design of wastewater treatment industry.

wastewater storage tank design of NVirotech

wastewater storage tank design of NVirotech is fully considered from the customer engineering project, and can be customized to meet the needs of the sewage storage tank, saving a lot of raw materials and reducing the design of the whole project.

NVirotech Environmental Protection is one of the custom makers of China enamel assembly industry standard. Our sewage storage tank is displayed in China enamel museum. Our production and technology are trustworthy!

We insist on using titanium alloy steel plate as the base material, using double-sided enamel technology, we are enamored to make the customers more light, stronger, and super corrosion resistant enamel products. Quality and customer satisfaction are our eternal pursuit!

waste water tank

waste water tank


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