super tuff bio gas tank

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super tuff bio gas tank for sale

super tuff bio gas tank are divided into solid fermentation tanks and liquid fermentation tanks. super tuff bio gas tank can be divided into seed tanks (strain fermentation tanks) and fermentation tanks according to their volume and use. super tuff bio gas tank can be divided into ventilated fermentation tanks and anaerobic fermentation tanks according to the different types of aerobic.

 super tuff bio gas tank

super tuff bio gas tank structure: vertical, upper flat cover, lower elliptical head, with standard jacket, flat blade disc turbine agitator.

Material of super tuff bio gas tank: 316L contact liquid, the rest 304.

super tuff bio gas tank design pressure: inner cylinder 0.25 Mpa, jacket 0.33 Mpa.

super tuff bio gas tank roughness: mirror polishing of the outer surface and the lower head, sand blasting and matte treatment of the straight cylinder.

super tuff bio gas tank accessories configuration: (can be designed according to user needs): PH, DO detector; clean cleaning ball; cemented carbide + silicon carbide mechanical seal, 100% leak-free; mixing reducer.

super tuff bio gas tank specifications and processes (including sampling port, feeding port, feeding port, SIP, CIP port, etc.).

Generally, the height-diameter ratio of super tuff bio gas tank is between 1.7 and 2.5. The larger the height-diameter ratio, the better the heat transfer and dissolved oxygen, and the greater the stirring shear force. The stirring device of super tuff bio gas tank includes mechanical stirring and non-mechanical stirring. The agitating device for ventilation and fermentation includes motor, transmission device, agitating shaft, shaft sealing device and agitating impeller. The purpose of mechanical agitation is to quickly disperse bubbles and mix materials. It is sometimes contradictory for a propeller to achieve these two purposes at the same time.

steel food grain silo

steel food grain silo

super tuff bio gas tank run

In aerobic deep super tuff bio gas tank, compressed air from aseptic air system is injected into super tuff bio gas tank through air distributor, which has single-hole tube and porous tube. Installation methods are different, usually installed under the bottom stirrer, but attention should be paid to prevent stomata from being blocked by bacteria or solid particles in fermentation broth.

Some air distributors have a water discharge structure, so that no fermentation liquid remains in the pipe after the tank is put. The aeration rate should satisfy the need of microbial fermentation, and the dissolved oxygen should be above the critical oxygen depth. It depends on the design and operation of the system. The upper limit speed of air velocity is that air can be effectively dispersed by the agitator, which is related to the form and speed of the agitator.

Microorganisms need oxygen in the process of reproduction and oxygen-consuming fermentation, usually using air as oxygen source. There are various microorganisms in the air. When air enters the culture medium, these microorganisms will multiply in large quantities, consume a lot of nutrients and produce various metabolites, interfere with or even destroy the normal process of the scheduled fermentation, so that the potency of the fermented products will be reduced and the output will be reduced. To cause serious accidents such as complete failure of fermentation.

Therefore, air sterilization has become an important part of oxygen-consuming fermentation engineering. There are many methods of sterilization, such as filtration, thermal sterilization, electrostatic sterilization, radiation sterilization, etc. But the sterilization effect, equipment conditions and economic conditions of each method are different. The required degree of sterilization depends on the requirements of fermentation technology, which not only achieves the sterilization effect, but also simplifies the sterilization process as much as possible to reduce super tuff bio gas tank investment and power consumption for normal operation.

biogas assembled tank

biogas assembled tank


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